What's the Spencer's Army?
Get out there and get involved with the cause! Show your support for the Spencer's Boobies Make Me Smile campaign, the FC Cancer Foundation and Stupid Cancer by volunteering to educate Jack & Nikki on the upcoming Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival or Warped Tour as a part of the Spencer's Army! Spencer's Army will be comprised of Party Hosts who want to give up their time and volunteer with FC Cancer at the Mayhem Festival or Stupid Cancer at the Warped Tour near their very own hometown. This is a great way for Party Hosts like you to spread our message beyond the store and help reach hundreds of thousands of concert goers with face-to-face cancer education.
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Volunteer FAQs
Completely fill out entry form for your chance to be chosen for the 2014 Spencer's Army. Entry deadline is Monday, June 25th 2014.
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